Color Palette Inspiration:Red & Black


Halloween may be long gone but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate two bold colors like red and black into your destination wedding! NowI know what you’re thinking, heck no I don’t want to incorporate black into my wedding! Many brides believe using such a dark color like black may be depressing or look too gothic but don’t fret, black is actually a very common color used in weddings and if done correctly it will turn out just beautifully, see the photos below. Pairing red with black will add an even more bold and rich look to your wedding. Make sure to lighten up this color scheme with a little white, gray or a playful pattern like damask.

Black and red wedding

Cover Photo: The Event Crashers, Cake: Elizabeth Anne Designs, Plate: Adrienne Gunde Blog, Bridesmaids: Glamour & Grace, Table: Story Board Wedding, Chairs: Aphrodite’s Wedding Blog, Center Piece: Every Last DetailĀ