Destination Wedding Amenities for Guests

If you’re having an outdoor wedding— these wedding amenities are sure to help out your guests! If you’re having an outdoor ceremony during the summer,  why not pass out small bottles of bug spray? For those that have spent a couple hours outdoor during a camping trip know that small insects are flying around everywhere! The bottles of bug spray will be useful during the wedding, and perhaps even after! Flip flops are also a great amenity for your guests. They can change into them before the wedding starts, or before they hit the dance floor. Everyone enjoys wearing comfortable shoes! Sunglasses are also a fashionable and helpful gift for your guests who need some shade from the sun. You can also pass out personalized lip balm for your guests–dry lips are never fun! If you’re having a outdoor wedding during the winter, you can pass out blankets or scarves to help keep your guests warm. They’re sure to be grateful for those! These amenities are a great way to say thank you to your guests for celebrating with you on your wedding day!

destination wedding guest amenities

{Photos: Bug Spray: Martha Stewart Weddings; Flip Flops: Alanna Scully Photography; Sunglasses on right: Gypsy Westwood; Sunglasses on left: Bryce Covey Photography; Lip Balm: Matt Blum Photography via SMP; Scarves: Jonas Seaman Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs; Blankets: Allyson Magda Photography}