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Today we’ve got a very special guest – an interview with the super talented destination wedding photographer, Photography by Kristopher.  His work speaks to his personality – a kind and caring man behind the lens whose photos reflect that light.  But he’s not just personality, this experienced photographer has shot weddings everywhere from Isla La Mujeres in Mexico to Aspen Park, Colorado, Key West, DC and he’s a regular over on Bald Head Island in North Carolina.  He’s been shooting for eight years and has collected a few first place awards to be proud of along the way.

So we asked Kristopher about hiring a destination wedding photographer and what you need to know along the way.  Here’s what he had to say!

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JF: Why should a couple take a wedding photographer on location with them?

K: One word, trust. Most of my couples hire me because they feel comfortable with entrusting me to document their wedding day.  I often encourage couples to spend time with their photographer building a relationship. This way there is a good understanding of what both parties need to make the wedding day a huge success and not a big stress.

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JF: What should couples look for when booking a destination wedding photographer?

K: Style is important, but I believe that experience should be the overwhelming factor in the decision.  Destination weddings are great, but sometimes it can be a bumpy road. Weddings that are abroad may have restrictions on how much camera gear a photographer can bring into the country. Some locations like England for example, may require a photographer to obtain a labor permit. There are lots of small details that require much planning in advance, and an experienced destination photographer will be prepared.

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JF: When traveling with a photographer, what things should couples be aware of?

K: Most photographers prefer to fly in at least 36 hours in advance, some may require more. Couples are responsible for air travel and hotel fees for the photographer and possibly a assistant/second shooter.

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JF: How can a couple take advantage of the time together on location with the photographer and get the most out of the experience?

K: To be honest that is something that I never really think about, by the time the wedding arrives I am friends with my clients. Usually have already had a cup of coffee together, spent some time talking on the phone and exchanging text messages, and possibly had an adventurous engagement shoot.  So when we are on location, great photos happen naturally, we do not have to force awkward poses, or set up fake scenarios. I am already familiar with the couple’s personality, and I know what they like.

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JF: What’s your favorite part about shooting a destination wedding?

K: For me it’s all the people that I meet and the families that I become a part of. Weddings are a celebration of the joining of two families, and much of my work is based around documenting the family members. Getting to know who a person is by the stories that their family tells you is amazing. Capturing these moments on a wedding day is what I live for.

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Thanks for sharing your expertise with our audience!

All Photos by Photography by Kristopher.

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