Setting Up Your Reception Tables Creatively

Often times destination wedding locations can be complicated spaces to work in.  You’ve found the beautiful view on a cliffside or that epic clearing by a lake.  But that can mean a setup that requires a little creativity.  Luckily, most destination weddings have smaller guest counts than in-town I do’s so you have the opportunity to have more fun with your tables (especially long ones).  Consider weaving a table in and around trees, create a curved path for your meal, or turn the corner with your dinner tables too!  There are lots of ways to build out a reception “room” with space for great conversation and beautiful decor, regardless of what natural structures might be in your way!

unique wedding table setups

{Photos: Top Left: Steven Karlisch & Steve Wrubel, Right: MSW, Second Row: Pinterest, Third Row: Nancy Ray, Forth Row: Celebrations LTD, Fifth Row: GWS, Bottom: Rares Ion}