Get Your .Wedding Domain Today!

wedding domains on sale

Photo: Robert Evans Studios

This is a post for both our industry friends and couples getting married across the globe!  Today we’ve got a bit of breaking news about the world of weddings on the internet.  It’s the official release of a whole new domain area – now you can have websites ending in .wedding instead of (or addition to) .com.  What does this mean?  It means if you’re planning a wedding and you want a custom domain (like – you can actually theme it instead so it’s  A great way to clue guests in on all your plans, the weather, travel information and more!

Now if you’re a wedding professional anywhere in the world, this is great for you too!  Snatch up your business name with a .wedding account (just like we are at and you’ll not only protect your name but drive additional traffic to your site because the word wedding is in it.  But you want to act fast before your name is no longer available!

Just click this link here and order up as many domains as you’d like for your big day or your big day business!

Happy Shopping!