Engagement in Florence, Italy

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Ross and Meg traveled from Los Angeles, CA to one of the most romantic cities in the world, Florence, for their fabulous engagement photo session.  But not before Ross popped the question and completely surprised his bride!  Meg tells us how the special plot all went down.  “Ross had the ring for several months and was waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question.  Originally, we were going to South America but at the last moment he changed plans for Italy.  Everyone asked “Do you think he’ll propose?”  I really had no idea.  Ross is terrible at keeping secrets and usually gets nervous when he’s hiding something so I did not suspect anything.  He kept it together very well.” 

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When the big moment came to get down on bended knee, he chose New Year’s and timed it perfectly!  “On New Year’s Eve we went to a wonderful dinner at a small mom and pop restaurant in Rome.  Ross was a little antsy but I figured it was jet lag.  He suggested we go for a walk after dinner.  At the stroke of midnight we were standing at the Trevi fountain when he pulled me aside and asked me to marry him.  I was shocked!  Fireworks filled the skyline (and several exploded at our feet which was a little frightening).  It was a true fairytale moment.” 

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A few days later, the newly engaged couple traveled north to Florence where they would be met by none other than their wedding photographer, Cean One.  This groom came prepared!  And so they began to capture moments that will not only last them a lifetime, but come in very handy in the wedding planning process.  “Our engagement party will be held at the Jonathan Club in May 2012. The entire theme is Italian – from decor to food. Our beautiful photos from Jeremy with Cean One are an absolute blessing. They will be displayed on the walls during the reception. Right place at the right time is an understatement!”

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Not only do Meg and Ross have beauty photos of each other, but their trip of a lifetime was documented too.  Such a great idea!

Florenceflorence italy honeymoonflorence honeymoons

“Our engagement could not have been more perfect. From the trip to Italy, a proposal in Rome, to an engagement shoot in Florence and the excitement and love we are receiving from loved ones, we feel truly blessed. We are enjoying the wedding planning process and look forward to a kickass party!” 

florence engagement shootflorence honeymoon

These two love birds will tie the knot in Malibu, CA in the summer of 2013.  Congratulations!

florence engagement photos

Destination Wedding Photographer: Cean One Photography 

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