Four Destination Wedding Tips You Need to Know

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Destination weddings are such a blessing – the chance to see the world and celebrate with those you love most.  But with that travel can come a few tricky planning elements to keep in mind.  Here are four must know before you go tips to planning your destination wedding with ease.

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 1.  You may not be able to legally wed there.  Many couples opt for a spiritual ceremony at the location in which they choose to wed because the requirements locally are too cumbersome.  Some countries have residency requirements (you must be in the area for a certain number of days before you can legally tie the knot), while others require translation of documents that must be notarized both stateside and on location and if you’ve chosen a weekend or holiday, chances are those offices may not be open.  Be sure to check well in advance of booking a destination wedding to be sure you can legally wed there if that’s important to you.  If not, then simply have a small legal ceremony back home and the celebration and ceremony when you travel.

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2.  Shipping and traveling with goods to use for your wedding can come with taxes!  If you plan on bringing your favorite Etsy finds with you for your big day, be aware of all customs requirements to avoid any unforeseen taxes or delays upon arrival.  And know that when shipping (do so way in advance) or packing products, there is always a chance they may not make it so take anything you can’t live with you when you travel.  And don’t forget to ask your destination property if they charge to receive deliveries!  You want to avoid additional fees once the boxes arrive at the resort.

3.  Look for a location with an alternative location for your honeymoon.  Spending the weekend with friends and family is part of the fun!  But come honeymoon time, you’ll want to get away and sometimes that’s hard to do when loved ones extend their trips for vacation time.  Select a location with other hotels, islands, or areas that you can transfer to for a little time just for two.

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4.  Consider the difficulty of travel for your most cherished loved ones before you book.  If it’s important to you that your sibling with small children be there or a grandma or friend with kids in school or perhaps on a budget, consider them before you select your spot and time of season.  If the location is too costly for those you want in attendance, too far to travel to, or too risky with small children or the wrong time of year, then perhaps you’re better off finding a destination a little more family-friendly.  The location should be one you love but also one your loved ones can get to!

Happy traveling friends!


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