Inspiration for an African Safari Wedding

Ready for some adventure? A destination wedding in Africa is a chance to embrace the various cultures that are surrounded by natural beauty and with styles that are filled with color! Get your guests eager to jet off to your wedding with invitations that are bright and have a unique element. These chalk invitations will be a big surprise and have a lasting effect on your loved ones. Have your flower girl wear a head band and jewelry that are native to the area. As a thank you, give your guests a map tote bag of the area you are in. Put pops of color into your bouquet and your cake for a fun twist that will have everyone mesmerized. It’s your time to shine in creativity! Consider adding some big components to your ceremony arch such as giraffe statues or even elephant figures. Let your imagination go wild!

African Wedding Inspiration

{Photos: Invitations: Brooke Michaelson via Ruffled, Flower Girl: Zoom Photography via SMP, Tote Bag: Gavin Casey via Wedding Chicks, Bouquet: Zoom Photography via SMP,  Cake: Brooke Michaelson Photography via Ruffled, Ceremony Arch: Tyme Photography via The Pretty Blog}