Destination Wedding Thank You Postcards

 It’s wedding etiquette to send out thank you  notes to all those that came to celebrate with you on your wedding day.  So, why not send out postcards?! Wedding post cards are an amazing way to say thank you, especially if you’re having a destination wedding! You can take pictures with a polaroid camera, write a note on the back, and send them out to your guests. It’s a creative idea, and allows your guests to see the adventures you and your spouse are having post-wedding! You can also take polaroid pictures during the wedding with your guests and send those out as thank you notes. Another way to send a personalized thank you postcard is having a picture of you and your spouse as the postcard’s main image; or you can simply have an image of the beautiful wedding location on the front of your postcard. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to save one of the postcards for yourself as a wedding keepsake!

wedding thank you note postcards

{Photos: Hello, from someplace beautiful: Etsy; Poolside postcard: Love vs. Design; Thank you postcard: Paper Mash; Polaroid Postcards: Paper Mash; At the Beach: Etsy}